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Writing Research Commercialisation Bids


To help academics, research students and support staff to develop commercial proposals which gain support.


  • Appraise the types and purposes of commercial proposals
  • Justify the need and demand of the beneficiary group
  • Plan to manage intellectual property in the context of the project
  • Critique various proposal formats
  • Plan to deliver a compelling pitch
  • Assess and plan to manage project risk 


1 day


Understanding the Brief

  • Types of proposals
  • Benefits of a proactive approach
  • Strategic fit
  • Capital and revenue issues

Developing the Proposal

  • Purpose of a proposal
  • Evidencing need and understanding the beneficiary
  • Common intellectual property issues
  • Essential components and formats

Presenting the Opportunity

  • Evaluation and common mistakes
  • Funding plan
  • Pitching

  • Maintaining Relationships

  • Establishing credibility
  • Barriers to delivery
  • Identifying and managing risk