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Blueberry TraininG

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The Entrepreneurial Academic


To help academics, research students and support staff to understand the context for commercialisation of intellectual property in Higher Education and to take the first steps in disseminating their own portfolio.


  • Assess stakeholders and their needs
  • Justify features and benefits for a given service
  • Assess intellectual property
  • Critique networking styles
  • Assess suitability of tools for dissemination


1 day


Enterprise in a Higher Education context

  • Policy drivers and the role of HE
  • The commercialisation continuum
  • Key players (colleagues, funders, students, business, community)

Essential Skills

  • Recognising and overcoming barriers to Knowledge Exchange
  • Policies and procedures
  • How to avoid working for free
  • Identify and evaluate intellectual property
  • Managing opportunities: capability and capacity

Communication and Development

  • Why people buy
  • Identifying your audiences
  • Communicating a compelling message
  • Networking and Communities of Practice

  • Moving Beyond Teaching and Learning

  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Tools for dissemination
  • Student enterprise support structures