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Presenting a Compelling Proposal and Securing the Deal


To help academics, research students and support staff to confidently present compelling research or commercial proposals that win support.


  • Design project workload to identify potential choke points
  • Plan a compelling pitch
  • Prepare alternative negotiating positions
  • Negotiate an agreement


1 day


Planning for implementation

  • Common project management issues
  • Planning workload to avoid bottlenecks
  • Managing expectations

Developing the pitch

  • Understanding your audience
  • Rules of effective language
  • Pitching

Getting ready to negotiate

  • Importance of maintaining a win-win relationship
  • Constructing a negotiable deal
  • Bargaining tools and non-cash benefits
  • Ideal, realistic and fallback positions

Securing the deal

  • The bargaining cycle
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the deal