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Theatre for Lecturers


To help those who are new to lecturing to enhance their delivery skills in order to create an interactive teaching environment that will enthuse and inform learners.


  • Compose a checklist for what makes a great presentation
  • Consider a range of challenges in the class room and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Develop a co-learning approach to working with your students
  • Plan to appear and feel confident


1 day


Presentation and pedagogy

  • What makes a great presentation?
  • Approaches to ensure engagement and retention
  • How does presentation support the pedagogy of your module?
  • Telling a story

Presentation challenges

  • Types of audiences (size, levels of learning, expectations)
  • Audience behaviour (challenging, unruly, uncooperative)
  • Dealing with the unexpected (technology failure, losing momentum, interruptions, emergency, external distractions)
  • Adaptation: delivering the learning programme versus exploring audience interests

Personal preparation to appear and feel confident

  • Self-awareness and managing anxiety
  • Physical (body language, stage presence, movement)
  • Voice (projection, intonation, etc.)
  • Improvisation in the classroom
  • Adapting to the lecture environment (facilities, materials, activities, feedback)

Pre-work #1: Please bring along a 3 minute YouTube clip of your favourite performer who epitomises the three principles of Engage, Entertain and Inform. You will be asked to explain to the rest of the group how this might inform your teaching and learning practice.

Pre-work #2: Please draft a 15 minute lecture (with whatever materials you see fit) which showcases your cutting edge research and is aimed at an undergraduate audience. The lecture should follow the pedagogical cycle to be clear of the learning outcomes, how you will deliver the learning, and how you will assess that it has been assimilated.

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