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Blueberry TraininG

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Our suite of 26 Business Skills Training Films use case studies based on real entrepreneurs. The films cover a wide range of businesses scenarios from Developing a Business Idea through to Resolving Problems with Employees. Each is around 5 minutes long so that you can watch when you have some spare time, and reflect on the content leading to better performance at work. The films are structured with your learning in mind, for example the Developing a Business Idea film runs as follows:

  • Position: You will have some technical skill and work experience. You may also have an idea which is not fully developed.
  • Problem: You need a clear focus on what client needs should be met.
  • Case studies: Meet Mary, Vikram, Ariel and Noel and see how they tackled this opportunity.
  • Summary: Reinforcement of the key points with some recommended further reading

All films are free for you to use. I would be very pleased to read your feedback. Enjoy!